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Dr Lindsey Ferrie, Senior Lecturer

School of Biomedical Sciences

Medical Sciences

What did you do?

We set up an online system where students can view their grades and their feedback and record their own responses to it throughout their course.

Who is involved?

Lindsey Ferrie, undergraduates in Pharmacology (Year 1), Simon Cotterill

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How do you do it?

We worked with LTDS and NUIT to develop the eportfolio software to allow students to gather and view their feedback for all of their modules in one place.The system logs marks and feedback from practical and written assessments allowing students to comment and reflect on their progress and crucially, to chart their development across Year One.

Why do you do it?

The system addresses existing student concerns across the University about feedback. In first year it helps to teach good reflective practice and to promote this throughout the degree.

Does it work?

The system has been very successful in the pilot stages, with students pleased with the ease with which they can view their marks and chart their progress. It has also attracted attention outside Newcastle and the team have presented the findings from the pilot at various conferences and events.

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Lindsey Ferrie





Dr Lindsey Ferrie, School of Biomedical Sciences


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