A photo of Benjamin Bader

The Magic of Scratch Cards for Immediate Feedback

Benjamin Bader, Senior Lecturer in International Human Resource Management in NUBS, combined the critical tenets of active learning and formative assessment by incorporating the active learning method of Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique (IFAT) scratch cards into the BUS3021 module, moving students away from the passive intake of information to a more engaged, dynamic learning process where they could apply their understanding to solve problems, think critically, while making learning enjoyable and stimulating.

Virtual Summer School: Decolonising Research Methodologies in Applied Linguistics and Education

Dr Sarah Ganassin oversaw a highly successful Virtual Summer School, bringing together students and staff from Newcastle University and the University of Nicosia in Cyprus to explore a wide range of issues, including decolonising theoretical perspectives, intercultural communication and collaboration, with the aim of equipping doctoral students with the research skills needed to progress their academic career.

Organisation of a conference on current issues in animal science by final-year students

Dr Jonathan Guy, Senior Lecturer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences Science, Agriculture and Engineering What did you do? Final year students organise a conference on current issues in animal science. Who is involved? Jonathan Guy, Facilitator, Andrew Beard, Facilitator, Helen Adamson, (expertise on poster design) Helen Atkinson, (Careers department) Eve Simcox, (Faculty Research Impact Read more about Organisation of a conference on current issues in animal science by final-year students[…]